Why You Aren’t Losing Weight And Keeping It Off  0

Weight loss. Scary words to some people, an effortless endeavor for others. Lots of us need to do it, and many of us can lose a few pounds here and there but it always seems to come back on. Why? Well there are as many explanations and reasons as there are people but it all boils down to one simple thing:

It’s your fault.

Now I don’t want to come off as overly negative, but lets look at it this way: Here you are, overweight and you want to do something about it. Maybe you diet strictly, maybe you hit the gym or go jogging and manage to lose a few pounds. Then a week or two later, you step on the scale and you’re right back where you started. What happened?

You fell into your old habits again is what happened. You didn’t get to where you are now overnight. This took weeks, months or even years of poor eating and exercise habits and its not going to be fixed overnight. But it can be changed, with a few adjustments to how you approach it.

First of all, weight loss is just math. You consume energy in the form of food, and you use that energy to fulfill all your basic bodily functions and to move around and such. If you take in more energy than you put out, then you store that extra energy as fat. If you use more energy than you take in, then your body has to convert that stored fat back into energy, and you lose weight. Simple, right?

And it is simple. The hard part is making those little changes day by day to make sure that you keep losing weight every day, and keep that weight off. The first part is mental discipline. You have to give yourself small, manageable goals to reach to keep yourself motivated. If you get discouraged or back track a little, you still have to keep going. The key is to aim for 500 calories per day. Do that and you’ll lose a pound every week.

Now the first step is your nutrition. How much are you eating a day? Start a food diary and write down every single thing you eat and drink every day. You may surprise yourself with what you put down! Ask yourself: Am I eating too much every day? Cut down on the really calorie rich and nutritionally low foods over time, and it makes a huge difference in how you feel while keeping that weight off.

The second step is exercise. How much activity do you get in a day? A week? No one is asking you to start training for a marathon to start losing the pounds, but you do need to get up and get moving. Even just a twenty minute jog three times a week can help you burn those extra calories and get you started on the path to be healthier.

Ultimately, its all up to you. You got yourself into this mess and only you can get yourself out of it.